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Employers are looking more carefully at a college graduate’s work experience when making hiring decisions since degrees alone may no longer adequately signal an individual’s intellectual capacity, resilience, and grit.

-Federal Register/Vol.84, No.100/May 23, 2019 (23779)

The Private-Sector Work-Study (PWS) Program at Alamo Colleges partners with area businesses to provide students the opportunity to earn and learn through relevant work experiences. You will be able to enrich your academic knowledge, gain real-world experience, and improve your job prospects after graduation. In turn, area employers gain a valuable part-time employee with supplemented wages and they have the opportunity to play a significant role in the education of aspiring professionals.

The community work-study program at Alamo Colleges is a form of financial aid that allows eligible students to work off-campus at a governmental or non-profit agency in a community service role. 

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