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"Among college graduates,
experience outweighs
academic credentials 
all hiring roles, especially
for managers."

-Chronicle of Higher Education

Workplace learning is the process of exploring career fields through paid work at a non-profit, business, research, or government site.

At the Alamo Colleges, you can gain career-relevant skills, knowledge, and experience through various experiential learning opportunities that occur outside of the classroom.

Early, relevant work experiences can be a meaningful part of your educational journey. You can learn about career opportunities, help the community, and develop professional relationships to establish your network by applying textbook knowledge to real-world problems through our experiential programs.

According to research, employers support educational practices that engage students in active, challenging work—practices such as internships, research, and community engagements, among others. 

Gaining in-demand career field skills and industry experience may provide you with an advantage in an increasingly competitive economy for new graduates.

A growing number of employers now expect to see these types of experiences on college graduates’ resumes. To many employers, that experience outside of academics is a top attribute when evaluating graduates for a job.

The Alamo Colleges District’s Office of Workplace Learning offers several ways to enhance your education through paid, hands-on opportunities in San Antonio or across the globe:

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