IT Security

Tips to Improve Security of your Computer and Data

  • Never share your user password with others.
  • Our College or other entities will never request your username, password or other personal information by email.  Please do not respond to emails requesting personal information.
  • Secure your computer equipment including laptops, media tablets, smart phones in a safe environment.   
  • Use secure network connection wherever possible when accessing data.  Secure connection prevents unwanted viewing of your electronic communication.

Important:  If an incident poses any immediate danger, please call 911 to contact law enforcement authorities immediately.  The types of incidents you report include:

  • Unauthorized exposure of private personal information (which may lead to identity theft or misrepresentation)
  • Computer break-ins and other unauthorized use of San Antonio College systems or data
  • Unauthorized changes to computers or software
  • Equipment theft or loss
  • Interference with the intended use of information technology resources