Apply to Graduate at 45 Hours

Graduation Timeline

From First Time in College Student to Graduate
A Timeline for a Successful Graduation

  • 0 -15 Semester Hours, students should complete an Individual Success Plan (in GPS) and meet with an academic advisor.
  • 15 – 30 Semester Hours, students should maintain their academic records, ISP, and GPA.
  • 30 - 45 Semester Hours, students should start graduation preparations.


45 – 60 Semester Hours
Students should:
Apply to Graduate!

0-15 Hours

MEET WITH YOUR ASSIGNED ADVISOR to identify your intended educational and career pathway choice.

CREATE YOUR ISP - Determine what classes you will take in the upcoming semesters in your GPS. Your Advisor will confirm and Lock your plan.

15-30 Hours

ALTERNATE CREDIT CONSIDERATIONS - Former AP Students should order scores after completing their first semester. CLEP credit is a process that should be pursued early (in order to receive scores in a timely manner).

MAINTAIN A MINIMUM GPA OF 2.0 - Some programs will demand a higher GPA; your intended 4-year university may have higher GPA expectations.

ESTABLISH RESIDENCY - Completing at least 5 courses at NLC will ensure your residency.

PROVIDE FINAL HS TRANSCRIPTS - Not all High Schools are able to add each student's HS Graduation date to transcripts when ordered soon after HS Graduation. You may still need to provide this documentation.

30-45 Hours

CLEAR HOLDS - Verify all student records are updated and that all holds are cleared.

ADVISING TOUCHPOINT - Meet with your assigned advisor to update intended 4-year university plans. Research scholarships and application processes of prospective universities.

45-60 Hours

APPLY TO GRADUATE! - Meet with your assigned Advisor to verify graduation eligibility.

DECIDE - You may wish to walk the stage at the NLC Commencement Ceremony.

SEE CAREER SERVICES - Make or enhance a resume' if you are joining the workforce.

Student Success!


Northeast Lakeview College takes pride in every student that has accepted the challenges associated with pursuing higher education.  We thank you for choosing NLC as your home campus.

Check your student e-mail for Commencement information and attend Graduation Fiesta in April.

Receive your Diploma 8 – 10 weeks after completion of the semester you complete graduation requirements.