Steps to Transfer

Step One - Start Early and Plan Ahead

  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Define transfer goals (short-term/long-term)
  • Be aware of transfer plans and transfer advising guides

Step Two - Choose an Institution

  • Look at various schools
  • Start preliminary research on primary factors (majors/cost)
    • Availability of majors
    • Location of the university
    • Size of the university
    • Is the university public or private?
    • Costs - to include tuition, financial aid and possible scholarship information
    • Admissions requirements - G.P.A. and due dates for admission applications
    • Availability of Student Housing

Step Three - Research Your  Options

  • Narrow down your search after eliminating those you didn’t make the cut
  • Start reviewing secondary factors (size of university, organizations, resources)
  • Become familiar with admissions process, acceptance criteria, and application costs
    • Admission requirements - G.P.A. requirements
    • Policies regarding repeated courses & G.P.A. calculation
    • Does a grade of "D" transfer?
    • Minimum and maximum transfer credits accepted
    • Talk to a university representative
    • After visiting the campus, can you picture yourself there as a student?
    • All related tuition and living costs
    • Individual class size

Step Four - Get Organized

  • Be aware of upcoming deadlines and documents needed
    • Application deadline
    • Financial Aid deadline
    • Scholarship Requirements and deadlines
    • Housing Application deadlines
  • Contact institutions for additional questions
  • Choose final selections (students can apply to multiple universities)

Always make and keep a copy of everything you submit to an institution.  It is also a good idea to note the date and person you speak to and the information that you discussed.  

Step Five - Develop Your Plan

  • Map out transfer tasks (admissions application, financial aid, scholarships, housing)
  • Begin completing transfer tasks
    • Common University Application Requirements
      • Admissions Application
      • Application Fee (fees vary by university & some offer financial need waivers)
      • Official Transcripts 
      • Vaccination Records
      • Testing Records (supplemental - dependent on university requirements)
      • Writing Statement (supplemental - dependent on university requirements)
      • Letters of Recommendation (supplemental - dependent on university requirements)

Step Six - Close Out

  • Finalize final items
  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments