Learning Assessment Activities

Learning Assessment activities at San Antonio College continue to transform as we strive to improve learning outcomes for our students throughout their learning experiences.  

San Antonio College believes that providing opportunities for students to attain the THECB core objectives/skill areas which the college refers to as Marketable Skills. Marketable Skills will be attained through experiences, not only in the classroom but through each interaction they have whether in academics, student success, co-curricular, or extracurricular activities. This will ready them with the skills needed for the workforce, as well as to continue advancing in their academic journey.   

Continuous evaluation and development for faculty and staff, as well as our own processes in data collection, analyzing, and reporting are an essential to providing accurate and insightful data for decision making.   

Institutional Assessment

Academic Success 

  • Every course, every course section, every semester, every student 
  • All full-time, adjunct, and dual credit faculty must participate 
  • Program Coordinators & Discipline Assessment Representatives assist Learning Assessment to support completion 
  • Training/Workshops: Get Ready Days, Get it Done Days, 4th Friday Faculty Development, Ad Hoc trainings as needed 
  • Courses and programs are mapped to Marketable Skills (Institutional Student Learning Outcomes). 
  • Reports are produced and reviewed by disciplines to review each semester 
  • All disciplines generate and analyze data, develop action plans as needed to improve learning outcomes, and submit learning assessment review for the semester SAC SCORES Assessment event. 

Faculty Learning Assessment Timeline

Chair, Coordinator, Discipline Assessment Representative Learning Assessment Timeline

Student Success Learning Assessment 

  • All interactions with students are an opportunity for learning 
  • All departments in Student Success assess 
  • Training/Workshops: Get Ready Days, Get it Done Days, Student Success Marketable Skills Workshop, Ad Hoc trainings as needed 
  • Student Success Learning Outcomes (SSLOs) are reviewed annually to ensure relevance & mapped to Marketable Skills (Institutional Student Learning Outcomes). 
  • All departments generate and analyze data, develop action plans as needed to improve learning outcomes, and submit learning assessment review for the semester SAC SCORES Assessment event. 

Student Success Directors and Leads Learning Assessment Timeline 



SAC SCORES Assessment Days are held in September and February each academic year 

Learning Assessment activities reviewing learning outcomes (SLOs/CSLOs/PSLOs/SSLOs) and Marketable Skills (THECB Core Objectives/Institutional Learning Outcomes) are documented within the respective discipline/departments Learning Assessment review each fall and spring.  As part of the semiannual assessment of student learning outcomes, departments are required to document target attainment, specific action plans, and continuous improvement plans.  Learning assessment plans are subject to annual review in which program goals, objectives, findings and actions are assessed resulting in feedback for assessment plan improvement. 


Engaging Students & Creating Student Learning Artifacts

Student Empowerment on their Learning Journey - eLumen Student Dashboard 

The student engagement platform was initiated in 2017 with full implementation in Fall 2018. The eLumen student dashboard is an online software platform that displays student learning outcomes achievement in each course and each assessment. Students have access to real-time information as faculty enter assessment data into eLumen. Students can review current and past achievement of student learning outcomes, and they can share these achievements with potential employers or transfer institutions.  

Student Learning Artifacts -eLumen ePortfolio 

The portfolio was initiated in 2017 with full implementation in Fall 2018. The eLumen ePortfolio is an online software platform used to store digital collections of artifacts, such as writing samples and presentations. Students can house assignments linked to student learning outcomes through instructor-initiated, course-specific ePortfolios. Students can showcase their strengths and acquired skills and to submit materials to potential employers or transfer institutions. Students also have the option to create and customize a limitless number of ePortfolios to showcase their skills and artifacts of their choice to be shared with potential employers or transfer institutions. 

Collecting Data & Generating Reports

eLumen Assessment Software 

Faculty and staff enter assessment data into the eLumen online software platform each semester. eLumen is an integrated platform designed to create a sustainable continuous improvement process By utilizing the eLumen platform to collect and manage assessment data, the Learning Assessment office produces numerous reports to inform decision using current information.  


For quick guides to use eLumen, visit Elumen Support 

For more information on reports, visit Evidence of Student Learning 


Learning Assessment Committees

Discipline Assessment Validation Committee (DAVC) 

Each discipline is responsible for validating their assessment methods and documenting that process. Current data on each disciples DAVC process is collected during the SAC SCORES Fall event. Common data shared should include but is not limited to 1) Review of: Assessments, Outcomes, Curriculum Mapping, Backward Design, 2) Documentation of meeting procedures 3) Process for action on findings. 

Learning Assessment Validation Committee (LAVC) 

The purpose of the Learning Assessment Validation Committee (LAVC) shall be to validate the connections between the assessment instruments and the Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) and Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs). Further, the committee will make any recommendations and identify best practices by April 15 of every year. 

Marketable Skills Assessment Committee (MSAC) 

The Marketable Skills Assessment Committee is a standing committee and recommending body with the purpose of reviewing each year’s attainment of the Marketable Skills by Core Curriculum completers and graduates with AA, AS and AAT degrees. 

For more information, visit Use of Evidence of Student Learning