Academic Standards

Academic Standing is a measure of a student's academic achievement relative to their degree requirements, and determines their eligibility to proceed in their academic plan/ and/or qualify for graduation. If a student falls below Good Standing for more than one semester it may stop them from being able to continue attending classes for up to one full academic year.

Academic Standing is determined by assessing both semester and overall institutional GPAs at the end of every fall, spring and summer term.

What is Good Academic Standing?

Acceptable scholastic performance, also known as Good Academic Standing, is based upon a student's progress towards successful course and program completion. Good Standing means that a student has maintained a minimum overall institutional GPA of a 2.0, including developmental courses. Good Standing is affected if your overall institutional GPA falls below 2.0 at any time, which may place you on Probation, and potentially Academic Dismissal. Classes taken at your home institution are used to calculate your semester and overall institutional GPAs.

Northwest Vista College honors the academic standing in place at the last institution you attended. Official transcripts showing your academic standing are required to be submitted for review.  

What is my Academic Standing?

Everyone at Northwest Vista College has a sincere desire to help you succeed. We encourage you to review the information and resources on these pages to gain a better understanding of Academic Standing. If you are unsure of your academic standing we recommend that you visit with your assigned Certified academic advisor as soon as possible. Please take advantage of the assistance and guidance that can be provided so that you can avoid situations that will inhibit you from achieving your goals. You may view the Academic Standards policy online at: Academic Standing and Probation

What is Academic Probation?

You may not be aware that dismissal for scholastic reasons may severely restrict your choices of universities and programs in the future. Academic Probation is part of a process that could have serious consequences. If you are on financial aid, veteran’s assistance, or a family health insurance policy, you run the risk of losing that assistance. Please take advantage of the opportunity for assistance and guidance that can be gained from academic advisors and faculty so you can avoid a more serious situation in the future. If you are wanting more information about Academic Probation click here.

What is Academic Dismissal?

If students on Academic Probation or Continued Academic Probation do not earn a semester GPA of 2.0 as well as an overall institutional GPA of 2.0 in the semester following their probationary status, they will be placed on Academic Dismissal. In accordance with the Alamo Colleges' District policy, students placed on Academic Dismissal are required to sit-out one full fall or spring semester. Students placed on Academic Dismissal will receive ACES email notification informing them of their status at the end of the semester. For more information about Academic Dismissal click here.