Writing & Thinking Institute

  • 2023 WTI Faculty Fellow ePortfolios

    This page shares writing assignments developed by the 2022-2023 Faculty Fellows who participated in the Writing & Thinking Institute.

    The assignments in the ePortfolios below showcase a wide variety of approaches for using writing in the classroom for teaching disciplinary content and critical thinking.
    These assignments are shared to inspire faculty at SAC in their use of writing to engage their students in active learning and critical thinking.

    Please contact Dr. L. Lennie Irvin with any questions about these assignments or the WTI.


    Dr. Kara Mowrey, Student Development
    -link to ePortfolio

    Dr. Elizabeth Garza, Nursing
    --link to ePortfolio
    Caroline Davis, English
    --link to ePortfolio
    Stacy Evans, Student Development
    --link to ePortfolio

    Dr. Lisa Ramos, History
    --link to ePortfolio
    Dr. Jonathan Grossheim, Anatomy & Physiology
    --link to ePortfolio

    Cleveland "Chip" Dunlap, Nursing
    --link to ePortfolio

    Suzanne Martinez, Government
    --link to ePortfolio
    Dr. L. Lennie Irvin, English
    --link to ePortfolio

    Myra Navarro, Criminal Justice
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SAC Writing & Thinking Institute (WTI) promotes the use of writing as an instructional tool for learning and critical thinking across the curriculum at San Antonio College. It supports Student Success in Disciplinary Learning and the Marketable Skills of Communication and Critical Thinking.

The primary goal of the WTI is Student Success and the development of students’ communication and critical thinking skills needed to be successful in college and career. Its goal is to promote student engagement in deep learning through writing. For faculty, the WTI’s goal is the advancement of skills for using writing effectively to teach their content, as well as for teaching communication and critical thinking skills. The WTI will also enhance the Writing Center’s position as a campus Learning Center supporting learning in all disciplines.


The Writing & Thinking Institute
The Writing & Thinking Institute is a year-long professional development course for a selected group of faculty to learn and employ principles and strategies for using writing across the curriculum. During this course, faculty will share best practices with their colleagues. Topics of the course include: 1) principles of write-to-learn, 2) approaches to using informal and formal writing assignments (including research writing), 3) strategies for using writing to engage students in critical thinking and deep learning, and 4) elements of effective writing assignment design.

These faculty will be Writing & Thinking Institute Fellows for the year, and will engage in 30 hours of professional development over two semesters. WTI Fellows receive a stipend for participating and are responsible for creating a deliverable each semester and sharing this new or revised lesson with other faculty. Select students and Writing Center tutors will also be invited to attend two to four sessions to add their perspective to the curriculum.

Applications for next year’s WTI Fellows are now open. Please contact Dr. Lennie Irvin for more information.