Faculty Toolkit

noun (IN A COLLEGE); plural noun: faculty
  • the teaching staff of San Antonio College, or of one of its departments or divisions, viewed as a body
  • the frontline to students and their success


noun: toolkit; plural noun: toolkits

  • a collection of tools and resources designed to support faculty in their commitment to the advancement of student-centered equitable learning at San Antonio College
  • a user’s manual important for new faculty onboarding and everyday productivity

a set of tools and resources that support faculty collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement to attain excellence in teaching

a list of workshops, classes and other learning opportunities for faculty professional and personal development

(campus resources) a guide of campus and virtual resources including academic calendars, advising, advocacy center, campus maps, computer labs, disAbility, early alerts, financial aid, grading tools, library, misconduct reports, printing services, tutoring, writing lab, etc… 

(computing) a set of guides to software tools, platforms or programs used at SAC including ACES, AlamoTalent, Banner, Canvas, online course syllabus, Elumen, Footprints, etc…

(literature) a collection of existing academic research materials focused on topics such as active learning, asset based pedagogy, culturally relevant curriculum, digital divides, equitable pedagogy, inclusive teaching, peer learning, student engagement and other high impact and successful practices


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Alamo Colleges Tools on Screen Steps Live

SAC Faculty Handbook 2021-2022

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  • Log in to AlamoTalent from ACES
  • Select My Learning at the top
  • Select Events Calendar from the drop-down menu
  • Choose training(s) dates, Request and Register!


The toolkit will be organized in sections by topics as headings. The last section will be organized as an alphabetical index with links to other pages, documents or websites. Use the magnifying glass SEARCH option on the top of this page to the right of the San Antonio College logo by typing the word or resource you would like to find.

New Faculty at SAC






ACD Employee Portal   Faculty & Staff Training   Faculty Handbook 2021-2022



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Pedagogical Professional Development Opportunities


ACUE Resources for Faculty


Equity in the Classroom


High-Impact Practices HIPs



Faculty Support Initiatives



ACD Faculty Development


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Learning Assessments



Learning Communities 


Library Common Read


Quality Enhancement Plan



SAC Scores


Workforce Ed Course Manual







Writing Center Faculty Partner Program

Writing Center Faculty Partner Program

The Writing Center exists to promote excellence in writing at San Antonio College for students, staff, and faculty. Our chief mission is to support students’ writing in their classes. We believe that a relationship between you as a faculty member who assigns writing and the Writing Center that assists these students will be mutually beneficial. 

We offer several services in our Faculty Partner Program that may suit your needs as an instructor. We encourage you to become a partner of the Writing Center and help us serve as a strong support to your curriculum.

Click HERE to complete the form to Partner with the SAC Writing Center!





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