Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Student Program Support

The purpose of this program is to provide undocumented and other students enrolled at San Antonio College with services and support to assist in their enrollment, retention and transfer.  Our goal is to provide a space for DACA eligible students, undocumented students and immigrant students can feel informed, supported and encouraged in order to reach their educational goals.

Important Information: 10 Strategies To Help Students Impacted by ICE Raids

Services included:

Immigration Information on:

  • Understanding DACA
  • USCIS  Website
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Myths and Realities
  • DACA Resources
  • Scholarship Resources
  • Legal Resources Services in the Community


  • Welcoming Centers for incoming and prospective immigrant students and their families
  • IME BECAS Scholarships & Dream US Scholarships
  • Resources to Protect Texas Communities
  • Resolution of Support for the Educational Success of Undocuments Student DREAMers
  • District-wide DREAMers Advisory Council Members
  • College Campus Counseling Services
  • Community Partners/Allies (local, statewide & national)

DACA Renewals Now

DACA Renewals Now is a hub that provides links to DACA guides, downloadable toolkit, graphics with renewal guidance and information on how to access renewal assistance from participating organizations



#DACARenewalsNow Educational Social Toolkit

Renewal step-by-step graphics

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

View our list of upcoming events at the Empowerment Center. For more information call 210-486-0455

Tuesday, November 1st
TheDream.US Scholarship opens

Our mission is to provide a safe space and advocate for Dreamers and Allies for San Antonio College.

Fall 2023 Meetings at the Empowerment Center
September 11th - 3:00pm
October 9th - 3:00pm
October 23rd - 3:00pm
November 13th - 3:00pm
December 4th - 3:00pm

Contact Dreamer Club President
Gissel at 
Club Advisor
Melissa Flores-Valencia

Contact Us:

Melissa Flores-Valencia

Bertha Castellanos



SAC Empowerment Center

703 Howard St.
(corner of Evergreen and Howard Streets) San Antonio, TX 78212