Facilities Operations and Construction Management

The Facilities Operations and Construction Management department's focus is to provide reliable, cost-effective and customer-centered operations and construction services that minimize the environmental impact of daily operations through energy management and sustainability practices. This is accomplished with our staff of full time employees as well as contracted vendors.

Construction Management

Our purpose is to create campuses, buildings and spaces where students, faculty, employees and visitors can learn, discover and obtain education and workforce training to meet the needs of our community and businesses.
The core competencies and responsibilities.

  • Master Planning & Strategic Planning

Land Utilization. Infrastructure Planning. Sustainable Solutions. Space Programing & Planning. Long-Term Campus Strategies & Planning.

  • Project Management

Manage Design & Construction. New Buildings. Major Renovations. System Upgrades. Sustainable/Energy Conservation Systems. Budgeting. Cost Analysis.

  • Quality Assurance

Contract & Code Compliance. Life Safety Improvements. ADA & TDLR Accessibility Requirements. Process Control Management. Commissioning.

Based on these three pillars the Facilities Construction Management department strives to deliver exceptional, efficient, and enduring projects that maximize value and supports the Alamo Colleges strategic initiatives.

Energy and Sustainability Management through thermal energy storage tanks at three campuses, participation in CPS’ Demand Response Program, four-day work week schedules during the summer, several solar panel installations including a 400-kW array at Southwest Campus, recycling.

Facilities Maintenance and Operations

The Facilities Maintenance & Operations teams operate, repair and maintain the academic, administrative and support facilities and grounds across the Alamo Colleges.

Our mission is to ensure that all facilities are reliable, safe and operating at peak performance so that students, faculty and staff can achieve their teaching and learning goals.

Asset Management

ACD Facilities uses Maximo for asset management and to track and manage all service requests, preventive maintenance, building inspections and work orders.

Building Maintenance

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), structural and general building services including carpentry, painting, flooring, roofing, window replacement, pest control, etc.


Keys and Locks

Facilities is responsible for all physical keys and locks and the ACD Police Department has responsibility and oversight of electronic locks and devices.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC/R).

The HVAC department maintains the climate control equipment and uses an energy management system (EMS) to optimize operations and minimize energy costs.



The Electrical department supports all electrical equipment, distribution systems, lighting and lighting control systems and emergency generators at the Alamo Colleges.


Fire Alarm systems

Fire alarm and sprinkler systems are serviced and maintained by licensed fire alarm and sprinkler maintenance contracting companies.

Elevators, wheelchair lifts and escalators

Elevators, wheelchair lifts and escalators are serviced and maintained by licensed maintenance contracting companies.



Custodial services provide a professional, clean and healthy environment for students, faculty and staff of the Alamo Colleges.

Grounds keeping

Sustainable landscaping and water management best practices are a priority as we advance our mission to increase the health and value of our green spaces.

Waste Management (trash disposal, recycling, composting)

Waste management at the Alamo Colleges is an important part of maintaining a sanitary and environmentally friendly community.

Awards & Resources


  • SA Tomorrow “Industry Leaders” Sustainability Award (2018) 
  • Hispanic Contractors Diversity Award for the St. Philip’s College Veterans Outreach and Transition Center (2017)
  • City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability's "Sustainable Programs Award" for the San Antonio College EcoCentro (2016)


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Thomas Cleary, Ph.D.
Interim-Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Gregory McClure
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Operations and Construction Management

Lacy Hampton
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, G.O. Bond Construction Improvement Program




Debbie Whitis
Interim Director of Facilities Business Support Operations

Max Davis
Director – Facilities Operations

Brian Schonefeld
Director – Construction Management


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