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The College Connection program enables future college students with a smoother transition from high school to college by removing obstacles to the admission process. 

Participating seniors receive help at their high schools to ensure completion of their admissions, assessment, financial aid, and advisement before graduation. 

In partnership with local independent school district's (ISDs), the Alamo Colleges District College Connection program is designed to help high school seniors transition into higher education.

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  • College Orientation
  • Introduction to "Why College?" Presentations
  • ApplyTexas Application Processing to any of the five Alamo Colleges
  • College Placement Exam information
  • Financial Aid assistance and workshops


  • The District-wide College Connection Program has provided continuous pre-enrollment services to seniors at participating high schools for over 10 years.
  • The College Connection program expanded from 1 ISD/9 high schools to serve 52 ISDs/94 high schools.
  • The College Connection team maintains a consistent Alamo Colleges District presence in the participating high schools.

Student & Parent Information


Welcome to an exciting time in your life! Your transition from high school to college can sometimes be challenging. At the Alamo Colleges, we want to help you with this transition. Whether we are your first choice, your summer choice or your backup choice, College Connection will benefit you. 

Throughout your senior year, the Alamo Colleges' College Connection teams will visit your high school to assist you with: 

  • Introduction to "Why College?" 
  • Completion of ApplyTexas Application to any of the five Alamo Colleges
  • AlamoENROLL Online Modules Assistance
  • College Placement/Assessment Information
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Advising and registration for college classes 

Senior Packet

Senior Transition Packet

This informational packet is designed to help students transition smoothly from high school to college.

View Senior Transition to College Information Packet (PDF)

The college enrollment process can be challenging and difficult. For this reason, your Independent School District and the Alamo Colleges have partnered to implement the College Connection program.

The College Connection Team is excited to work with you this year! Find out when we will be visiting your school by contacting your high school counselor.


Advising for First Time in College Students 

To be prepared for registration, College Connection students are required to attend a New Student Orientation (NSO)/Advising for First Time In College (FTIC) Students Session before they are able to register for classes.

About Student Sessions

In the NSO/FTIC students session, students will become familiar with prerequisites for courses, degrees, programs, and transfer institutions.

"First Time in College (FTIC) Advising Required" registration hold is placed on the student's record until the advising requirement has been met.

Students are encouraged to consult with their certified advisor about courses and other educational concerns if they plan to pursue a two-year degree program, plan to transfer to another college or university, or simply take a few selected courses. In addition to course and degree requirements, policies and procedures are subject to change. Students are encouraged to stay informed of any changes that may affect them by meeting with their certified advisor regularly. 

Many students who plan to transfer to a university are advised to fulfill the lower-division requirements for the university selected for their continued education. The Alamo Colleges' transfer services assist students in making their transfer experience a seamless process. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they take courses at the Alamo Colleges that will be transferable and accepted by the senior institutions they plan to attend upon transferring.   

Session Requirements

Students must have the following items on file at the college they plan to attend a session: 

  • ApplyTexas Admission application for the correct entry term
  • Alamo Colleges Student Banner ID Number
  • Qualifying College Placement Exam scores (TSI, exempting SAT/ACT, etc.)
  • Official High School Transcript
Additional NSO Information Per College

Find out more information about dates and times of upcoming NSO/FTIC students sessions below for each college:

Northeast Lakeview College Northwest Vista College
Palo Alto College St. Philip's College
San Antonio College  

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