Institutional Research and Effectiveness Services

The Institutional Research and Effectiveness Services Department works with college-based Institutional Research Offices to support performance measurement throughout the district.

Our mission is to "collect, compile, analyze and provide data in support of district-wide decision making, policy construction, and resource allocation."

Our department seeks to provide data accurately and in a timely fashion to support your work. We welcome your data and research requests and look forward to serving your needs.


  • Daily Enrollment Status Report
  • Grade Distribution by student populations and demographics.
  • Average Class Size by Term
  • Full-time Student Equivalents
  • Demographic Student Profiles
  • Full-time/Part-time faculty ratios
  • Key Performance Indicator and Benchmark Report
  • High Risk Courses
  • Degrees and Awards by demographics, type of award, and program
  • Graduation rates by demographics
  • Factbook
  • High School Market Penetration
  • Service Area Zip Code Maps
  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement Benchmark Data
  • Noel- Levitz Survey Data
  • Student data for District Budget Development
  • Dual Credit Enrollment Data