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Steps to Register

1.  Login to the ACES with your ACES ID and password (If you do not have your ACES ID and password, Login to ACES and  follow the instructions.)  
2. Select Student
3. Select Web Services
4. Select Student and Financial Aid
5. Select Registration
6. Select Add or Drop Classes
7. Select a Term and Submit
8. Select Class Search
9. Select the Subject you are looking for. You can choose to enter a college, location/attribute type, course number, time and/or day. NOTE: The location/attribute type option allows you to pick alternate locations like a SAC course being held at Northeast Lakeview College (NLC).
10.  Enter your information then select Class Search at the bottom. This returns a list of all courses meeting the criteria you entered. Courses you are eligible to register for will have a check box available to you. Select the course you want by checking the box next to that section.
Classes listed at CTTC are held at the Central Texas Technology Center in New Braunfels, not at SAC.
11. Check the appropriate class, scroll to the bottom and select Register.
12. You will be taken back to your schedule to view it with the new class added. If there were any errors or holds (pre-requisite, co-requisite, other restrictions), the error/hold would display with your schedule and the course will not be added.

Repeat steps 7-12 to add additional classes.

To Drop classes from your schedule, click the drop down menu beside the course you wish to drop and select **Web Dropped Prior to Term**.

At the bottom, select Submit Changes and the course will be removed from your schedule.