disABILITY Support Services

...where the focus is on your ABILITY!

Our Mission

Our mission for disABILITY Support Services at SAC is to provide reasonable accommodations and facilitate access for on-campus and distance education students to have an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits of higher education.


How to request dSS services for new, online students:

Please call (210) 486-0020 or email sac-dSSstudent@alamo.edu to schedule a phone or Zoom advising appointment.

  • Prior to your appointment, please send the following documents to: sac-dSSstudent@alamo.edu:
    1. Official documentation regarding the disability for which accommodations are being requested.   If you do not have documentation, please have your health care provider complete and sign the “Certifying Professional Questionnaire” located in the “dSS Forms” link at the bottom of this webpage.

    2. Initial Request for Disability Services form (submit via DocuSign)

    3. Copy of your class schedule

How to renew services for continuing dSS students who received accommodations within the past year:
  • Using the "dSS forms" link found at the bottom of this page, please complete the "Renewal Request for Disability Services" form.

  • Please send a copy of your class schedule to: sac-dSSstudent@alamo.edu

  • Students receive copies of their letters of accommodation via their ACES email account.

If you are taking classes at multiple Alamo Colleges, you will need to sign up for services with each of the disABILITY Support Services departments for which you are taking classes.  Medical documentation can be electronically transferred between Alamo Colleges by completing an “Authorization to Release Confidential Records” form located in the “forms” section of our webpage.  The letters of accommodation will be sent by each Alamo College you are attending.    

Accommodations are not retroactive.  Accommodations begin the day the letter is sent to professors with the exception of testing.  Professors should have at least 24 hours’ notice to prepare for making arrangements for accommodated testing. 

Dual Credit Students

For classes through high school campuses, accommodations will be made by the high school counselor. 

For online, dual credit classes taught by Alamo College faculty, accommodations can be provided via the respective Alamo College. 

Early College Students

If you are taking a San Antonio College class, please request accommodations by completing the steps in “How to request dSS services for new online students” in order to receive accommodations. 


dSS Forms

dSS Forms



Contact Information


Moody Learning Center, Room 1st Floor
1819 N. Main Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212
Office: 210-486-0020
Fax: 210-486-9143

Jennifer Alvizo, M.A., Director

Karyn McCarty
Certified Advisor

Mario Gonzalez
Certified Advisor (part-time)

Mary Dayton
Certified Advisor

dSS Hours of Operation

dSS Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

disABILITY Support Services Council

disABILITY Support Services Advisory Council

San Antonio College and community professionals collaborating to enhance the lives of students with disabilities by providing professional, personal, and social opportunities to promote empowerment and facilitate experiential learning and graduation. 

Partners include:



At H-E-B, People Matter! Our goal is to continue growing our workforce with diversity and inclusion in mind. We know the more diverse minds we have working on the H-E-B mission, the better outcome we will have for our customers and our community. The H-E-B Bridges Program is a hiring initiative to connect talented people with disabilities to opportunities at H-E-B. We encourage self-disclosure of all abilities!  Individuals who identify as having a disability are encouraged to apply at H-E-B. We have a variety of career opportunities in our stores, corporate offices, our digital technology space, and in the field of manufacturing/warehousing/transportation. Please visit: https://careers.heb.com/ to see our current openings. During the application process, to request accommodations related to a disability, please email the H-E-B Bridges Team at Bridges@heb.com with your accommodation request and the position you are applying for.