Student Advocacy Center


Welcome to the Student Advocacy Center at San Antonio College! 

Providing Resources... Building Hope


Increase student retention rates by supporting student's unmet socio-economic or mental health needs which exist outside the classroom and negatively impact levels of stress, focus, and student performance.


We will demonstrate respect and care for each student as we endeavor to deeply understand their needs and work tirelessly to help remove barriers to critical basic-needs resources using holistic assessment and case management as a best practice.


About the Center

Changing the lives of our students by providing them with the resources they need to meet their basic needs so they are able to focus on their academics, increasing student performance, retention, and graduation rates, contributing to a healthy, stable, and educated community.

Officially opened in Fall 2016, led by Lisa Black, the Student Advocacy Center serves, students, faculty, and staff with a variety of programs and services to help them succeed. The Student Advocacy Center is driven by our own SAC work-study students, as well as Social Work, Counseling, and Public Health interns, from colleges across San Antonio, providing a collaborative approach to our client's needs.

Services Offered

The following services are currently offered at the Student Advocacy Center:

The Store
A food pantry available to students, staff and faculty twice a month. 

Magic Closet
A Clothes Closet available to students, staff and faculty twice a month. 

Book Voucher Program
• Students can apply for a $50 voucher, which can be used at the SAC campus bookstore. Supplies are limited. 

Counseling Services
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Case Management Services through Referrals:
• Application for public assistance including SNAP benefits, WIC or Medicaid.
• Emergency assistance – For services and support including housing, health care, child care, utility assistance.

Grab & Go

Additional services to be announced soon! Stay tuned. 

Download the Student Advocacy Center flyer here.