Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Studies

WHAT Conference 2024

The Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Studies department at San Antonio College stands as a vibrant hub of academic exploration, fostering a rich learning environment that delves into the complexities of human society. Comprising dedicated faculty and diverse course offerings, the department is committed to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of social dynamics, cultural influences, and behavioral patterns. Through interdisciplinary approaches, students engage in thought-provoking discussions, critical analyses, and hands-on experiences that contribute to their personal and intellectual growth. The department not only emphasizes theoretical knowledge but also encourages practical application, preparing students to navigate the intricacies of the globalized world. With a focus on inclusivity, the Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Studies department at San Antonio College plays a pivotal role in shaping informed, empathetic, and socially conscious individuals ready to contribute positively to their communities and beyond.

Early Childhood Studies


Mexican-American Studies


Social Work


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Lisa Coronado
CAC 303
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Denise DeLaRosa
Administrative Unit Assistant,
History and Mexican-American Studies
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Dr. Amelia Serafine
History Program Coordinator
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Dr. Marianne Bueno
History and Mexican-American Studies Program Coordinator
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Administrative Unit Assistant,
Early Childhood Studies and Psychology
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Early Childhood Studies Program Coordinator
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Psychology and Sociology Program Coordinator
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Administrative Assistant Specialist,
Social Work and Sociology
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Dr. Denetria Brooks-James
Social Work Program Coordinator
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