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Students can Register for Spring Flex II (8-week) until March 19, 2023.

Please refer to the most current Class Offerings and College Catalog for more information (see more about the class offerings (dynamic schedule) below).

Schedule of Classes:

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Click Here for Dynamic ScheduleHow to Use the Dynamic Schedule

  1. Go to the Dynamic Schedule page and choose The Semester from the pull-down menu
  2. Click Submit button
  3. Choose a Subject from the list (REQUIRED, i.e. ENGL-English)
  4. Choose the College (i.e. Northwest Vista College, or choose All)
  5. Choose Part of Term (i.e. Full Term, or choose All)
  6. Choose Session or leave it All; choose Location or leave it All; make any other selections (or leave blank for all available)
  7. Click Class Search
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Time to Degree

How Long Does It Take to Earn an Associate Degree? 

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The Alamo Colleges District is launching the AlamoBOOKS+ program, which will offer no cost textbook rentals to all eligible students.

The Alamo Colleges, through Barnes & Noble College, will ensure students have all textbooks and instructional materials across all courses by the first day of class.


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  • Remote Learning or Synchronous Instruction: The same as a standard face-to-face class but using Zoom video classrooms. Students log-in during scheduled class times and receive instruction digitally. Canvas and additional remote-access tools may also be used.

  • Online or Asynchronous Instruction: A traditional, fully-distanced, online course. Students will have a series of tasks or modules to complete each week but may do so on their own time. Online courses are delivered entirely on Canvas, though they may use additional online tools.